Makin’ new (and old) traditions

One of my favorite foods for Christmas has always been, bar none, tamales.

Oh sweet masa and meat and a bit of heat!


I never realized just how lucky I was over the years to have wonderful neighbors, friends and coworkers who gifted me with handmade tamales every year.


All the way out here in California, I don’t have wonderful tamale making friends and I miss them.

So this year, my mom-in-law, a wonderful cook and a lady filled with holiday cheer, suggested we make up a batch of our own tamales.

Oh yeah, baby!

We have both pork and green chile with cheese.

Gonna be a New Mexico Christmas in my house! My kitchen smells fabulous!

And making them with my new family might just have to be a new tradition!

Feast your little eyes!

Wrapped up and ready to be steamed!

Apply the heat.

Steamy goodness!

Yeah, many of these little guys didn’t make it very long out of the steaming pot. Poor delicious tamales! Hope they make it to Christmas!

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  • The Hawg!

    Cruel! Here I am, at work a couple of days before Christmas and bored out of my mind.

    Now I'm hungry, too.

    There are few things better than really good tamales, you know?

  • Anonymous

    Here's the recipe for New Mexico Biscochitos:

    They're easy to make and REAL GOOD!

    Merry Christmas,
    Ephraim F. Moya

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hey Hawg – I know….oh I know…..

    I'll save you one of each!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hi Ephraim! Yup, I've used that recipe before and it's wonderful! Haven't had the time this year to make cookies. Now I want to!!

    Thanks for posting that link!

    Is your wife working on a quilt right now? I love the photos you've posted of her amazing work!

  • Elise

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm tamaaaaaaaaaaales.

    I'm making chicken enchiladas for Xmas dinner. :-)

  • Anonymous


    I've posted a few more quilt pictures at the site I'm developing:
    Look in Photos->Mary's Quilts. Take a look at my other pics, too.

    Mary has been quilting for 22 years and has made more than 100 quilts in that time. I hope to post her ribbon winning quilt pictures soon.

    If they have Vallarta grocery stores in SF those stores usually have a deli where they sell freshly made tamales &c. They're worth a try.

    Merry Christmas again,
    Ephraim F. Moya

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