Join Me at The Center of the Bell Curve

Over the weekend, I was playing a new online jigsaw puzzle game I found. Fun!

At the beginning, you are presented options, Easy, Medium or Hard.

I picked Medium.

When I buy salsa: mild, medium or hot?

I pick medium.

There is a really fabulous coffee place here in the Bay Area where they will add cream and sweeten your beverage to perfection.

When they ask me “how sweet would you like it?”

I reply “medium sweet.”

My shoe size, 8½ is neither very large nor very small. It’s somewhere in the middle. (and always sold out of the good styles)

My dress size is the same as that of the “Average American Woman”

I have medium brown hair. Neither light brown nor dark brown. Just there in the middle of the brown range (thanks to my hairdresser, it’s also more brown than gray).

I live “mid-Peninsula.”

We live a middle-income existence.

When they took my blood pressure on Friday, it was average. As was my temperature.

I’m even starting to take a look at being middle aged.

My god, why am I so blastingly AVERAGE?!

I wondered, while I did my medium hard jigsaw puzzle, who picks “hard” on this game, HOT for salsa, really sweet for their coffee and lives on those wispy ends of the bell curve of life?

Probably someone like Richard Branson, eh? Or that Steve Irwin guy before he passed. He probably could solve the “hard” puzzles.

Ah well. Actually, sometimes life’s not so bad from the fat part of the Bell Curve.

At least I’m in good company.

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  • Jamie Dedes

    Well I don't see you as average at all, Sweetheart. As wife to my son, you are unarguably ABOVE average.As a daughter-in-law, you are unarguably ABOVE average. As a writer – no contest – you've just not yet been discovered. As a cook – yum! As a decent human being, you've got it down. And I think Rich and Faye would agree with me.

    Love from your very lucky and much blessed mother-in-law,

  • New Mexican

    Father in law shamelessly sucking up no doubt.

    But I love Bell chaped curves, tou can illustrate anything.

  • New Mexican

    I mean mother in law.

  • Karen Fayeth

    :) Yeah, I have one of those rare situations where I actually adore my mom-in-law and I think she thinks I'm ok too! Imagine that….(lol)

    Yeah, a bell curve really is a useful talking point. I use it quite a bit myself.

    Plus…that crazy bell curve helped me A LOT in college. Ye olde grading on a curve is a lovely thing.

  • Mother-in-Law

    Dear New Mexican:

    I am quite enamored of Karen and take great pains not to treat her as my own in-laws treated me. Not that that’s any of your business, nor was it your business to comment, crudely or otherwise. Moral squalor is usually the domain of twisted theists, knuckleheads, or misanthropes. Since you clearly “belong” to Karen somehow, I’d like to assume you are none of these and wrote without thinking. But thank you. You gratuitous remark did teach me something. Hereafter, I will keep my thoughts safely to myself. Something you might also do well to consider. I am reminded of Paton’s comment: “Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.”

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