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Ah poor, poor tragically beautiful and misguided Jessica Alba. She’s gone and got herself on the fighting side of my fair New Mexico. Or more specifically, the Duke City.

As reported by Jim Belshaw last week in his ABQJournal opinion piece.

From the article:

“Ms. Alba said: ‘In Albuquerque there’s really only one restaurant that’s pretty good. You can only take Applebee’s and Chili’s so much. Our big day was hanging out at Wal-Mart for five hours. It was like, ‘Yea, Wal-Mart!’ ”’

Ok, fair enough. I embrace the state of my state’s own rasquacheness, however, I found it an odd comment about Albuquerque. I mean, there’s more than THAT to do.

Well, to parrot Paul Harvey, now for the rest of the story…

Seems this young lady was a guest of the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired in preparation for her latest movie release, “The Eye“. This was her time in New Mexico to which she was referring.

See, the funny thing is, NMSBVI is located in Alamogordo, not Albuquerque.

Now, I could get my Land of Enchantment up, all in a dander on behalf of BOTH Albuquerque and Alamogordo.

But why? Over the weekend, I talked a lot with my friend about how New Mexico is growing way too fast. Lots of those dang Californians (like me) selling their overvalued houses and buying up less expensive land. And bringing our bad attitude with us.

I figure Ms. Alba did us a favor, right? It’s good PR. Yeah, folks, the state’s largest City has only one, like, good restaurant. And only Wal-Mart for entertainment. That’s right! Who would want to live in a place like *that*, eh? Move along folks, I hear Idaho is fabulous this time of year.

Thanks Jessica! You just keep on being our PR agent. kay?


The fine people of New Mexico.

Oh, and here’s some love from Google maps! Enjoy!

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  • Anonymous

    Actually, I worked on The Eye and Jessica Alba was in Albuquerque for 6 weeks of filming. But even though she was in town she was apparently bored enough to spend 5 hours at Wal-Mart…which probably makes her the most boring person on the planet. And she was actually. Not the brightest star in the galaxy if you know what I’m saying.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah, Anon, I *love* me some inside scoop! Thanks for that!!!

    Not the brightest star in the galaxy…yeah….I sort suspected something like that.

  • Natalie

    LOL! This has been in discussion at DCF for weeks. Not the brightest star is such a kind way of saying what a dumbass she is and, yes, in fact, although she had been in ABQ, she was talking about Alamogordo.

    She DID do us a favor!

  • Beth

    I live in Taos. About 2 years ago, I was on a plane from Albuquerque to Washington, DC. While the plane was still on the ground and people could still talk on their cell phones, the guy in the seat behind me was obviously talking to someone in DC. He said in a very complaining tone of voice, “I was in Alamagordo for a whole week and they didn’t even have a Starbucks!” I resisted the urge to burst out laughing.

  • J. Marin

    I am a recent transplant to New Mexico, and I have tried so very hard to find redeeming features here. However, I am still in shock that this is part of a developed nation. I traveled to several third-world nations recently for my job, and all of those countries had less litter on the streets, more university-educated citizens, and NO ONE parked their cars in their front yards!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hey J. Marin – I don’t know where you came from or where you’ve landed in NM, but I do know it can be kind of tough to take for some folks. I’m from there, and even I get weary in some parts of the state. It’s definitely a different frame of mind from most states in the union.

    That aspect causes me to both love it dearly and scratch my head.

    Good luck finding a situation to suit you!

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