I’m a little ticked.

Believe me, I’m no card carrying PETA-type person, but I do have a deep love of animals. And I believe if you are going to take one on as a pet, you have a responsibility to that animal, in good times and in bad.

And the cost of keeping and caring for an animal for their lifespan MUST be factored into your decision. Also your contingency if you are unable to care for your pet any longer.

I see *too* many people using the disposable pet approach.

And that gets me steamed.

So why am I ranting on this topic today?

Because of this article in both the Las Cruces Sun News and the ABQjournal today:

Horses May Be Relinquished as People Economize

Seems as the economy gets tough, people are looking to give their horses to Dona Ana County animal control, who only has capacity to handle a few.

Owning a horse is a lot of hard work. They eat a lot (and feed prices get driven by ever upward spiraling corn prices). They need to be ridden and exercised. They need a lot of vet services. And farrier work too.

While I know that when times are rough, expenses and “nice to haves” have to be cut back.

But abandoning your animal? Not cool.

From the Las Cruces Sun News article:

“Childress said he’s suggested horse owners try to sell their animal or find another home before contacting his office. But that can also prove difficult because of the number of horses already on the market.”


The price of petrol affects more than just the fuel in your gas tank.

And the dominos fall.

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  • Natalie

    I’ve been watching and reading of tales like this for the last year and a half. I do belong to PETA and the stories of abused, neglected, and abandoned horses are growing. Just watching Animal Planet cop-like shows is enough to make my heart wilt. Especially Animal Cops Houston where, in almost every episode, there are horses rescued.

    Everything I’ve read mentions that “new money status” from the early 90’s until just a few years ago held that owning a horse was a huge status symbol. Now all of those folks who are bailing on their mortgages are finding out that they can’t find an apartment to support a dog or cat, much less be able to afford to keep their horse(s) anymore.

    Horse are , expensive but, jeez, to me, it’s like having a kid! But… I guess if you can’t afford to feed the “kids”… you’d have to send them to the “orphanage”, right?
    Sounds like depressive times…

    I sure hope things get better soon. Starbucks is closing 600 stores. I’m out looking…


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