I’m a bit…nervous

There is a big change coming.


It’s a good change.

But…it’s just…difficult for someone like me.

Okay, men, here’s the part where you can go ahead and tune out.

May I suggest a click here (how ’bout that NFL draft?) or here (how about that swine flu?)?

Okay ladies….now that it’s just us girls………

See, this weekend, I bought a new purse.

Sure, for you ladies who swap around purse-to-purse depending on mood or outfit, this isn’t a big deal.

For a steady, stubborn Taurus like me…I like to buy a *nice* all occasion purse. And then I Wear. It. The Heck. Out.

Seriously. I am carrying a Kenneth Cole black leather hobo bag right now (smoking sale at Macy’s) and have been for a while. That thing is scuffed to death!

It is time to let it rest.

But it’s *so* hard for me to switch purses. The pockets won’t be in the same spots. The cute little side zippy place for my keys will go away!

Will I know intuitively how to go in there to get my phone when it rings? No! Not for a while.

And my old wallet doesn’t match…so I need a new one. UGH! More change!

Then there is the inevitable clean out of the old purse as the switch is made. I have to let go of the used chewing gum crammed into the mangled business card from my doctor’s office with an old appointment on there.

I’ll have to trash the tired mints rattling around in the bottom.

And I’ll have to actually go through all the stuff I’m carrying around and determine if it is worthy of the new purse!

This is just so difficult for a girl like me!

I have anxiety!

Thanks for listening.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, dear.

    It is time for an intervention. We need to get you to TJMaxx or Marshalls STAT and load you up on handbags.

    Not just one, but a few. A black one, a tan one, a leather one, a fabric one, a straw one! Maybe a bright green one — or a red one!

    Handbags are fun!


  • Karen Fayeth

    I love handbags…just…how often do I have to switch? It makes me anxious!

    I definitely need an intervention!! :)

  • Natalie

    I hate to even mention this but… does it match your shoes?


  • Karen Fayeth

    Nat – get this…it matches my Fat Babies!

    I *know*!

  • Anonymous

    You only have to switch as often as you feel prudent. But a woman should have choices. ;)

    And I’ve always tried to match shoes and handbags, but I heard recently on What Not To Wear that that’s a big frumpy no-no.

    Mind you, I ***DESPISE*** the woman on that show — the rude, creepy, catty one who goes out of her way to make everyone feel awful and ugly when she herself is astoundingly tacky, not to mention unattractive (Does she not have a mirror? Astronauts can see that nose of hers from SPACE, for Pete’s sake) — so I take her fashion advice with a grain of salt. But I guess the key is coordinating without actually matching.

    Oh, the changing rules of fashion. They do wear me right the f*ck out.


  • Karen Fayeth

    I don’t like that chick either. I’m not sure her taste is all that good. The guy who is her partner has a way better sense of what looks good on a woman.

    Did you know that also, it’s ok now that when you get a mani/pedi your fingers and toes don’t have to match? It still freaks me out when I do it. It seems…wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no no no. No no no no no. I don’t care what anyone says, toes and fingers must match.


  • Karen Fayeth

    The big thing is people seem to do the french manicure on the toes, then something else on the nails.

    I read your tweets, I know you *love* the french manicure on the toes!! :)

    (btw, my boss gets that done…I always think of you when I spot it)

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