I sold out

Ok, maybe I didn’t totally sell out. It was given to me by my employer and I’m expected to use it.

I’m so *ashamed*. This morning when I stopped for a cuppa to get me through the day, I was bored (there was a backup in the line) and so since work is sizzling and I decided to check email.

A man in line asked me “how do you like it?” I smiled and said, “oh, it’s great, I really like it!”

Why did I say that? I don’t like it. I loathe it. IT HAUNTS ME! Ok, it *is* kind of cool. And it does cool things and makes cool noises. But it also does a lot of things I will never need or use.

And there’s plenty not to like.

And at the end of the day, it’s still *just* a phone.

But it sure is kind of fun to have all the interwebs browsing whenever I want. And the screen sure is nice…and it’s pretty.

AAAARRRGH!!! This thing is evil, PURE EVIL.

This, I believe is the only appropriate treatment of such a device:

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  • Karen Fayeth

    I do not know that person ^^^^

    Do not click their spammy link……

  • Natalie

    lol… The power of the iphone also means you’ll get spammed by mentioning it in a post. Geez.
    You didn’t sell out… your company bought in.
    Yet another reason to hate the iphone. Unless, of course, you can get ESPN on the thing and secretly watch baseball games while in boring meetings.

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