I haven’t stopped blogging….

…but I’m afraid I’m going to miss another day. I *hate* missing blogging days. I’ll do my best to make up the two missed days in some way this week.

I’ve been asked to teach a four hour course today on behalf of an association of professional people who do what I do for a living (I’ll demure on my job role…a girl’s gotta have some secrets).

Four hours? *I* don’t even want to listen to me talk for four hours! Good gracious!

Anyhow, it’s a big honor and I have my big ol’ PowerPoint slide deck ready to go.

But I’m scared. I mean, I’m excited. But I’m skeered too.

This is four hours facing a room full of my peers.

Whooooa. Soooo grown up.

Anyhow, I’m up to the task, but forgive my inattention to the blog for a couple days. I should be back tomorrow.

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