I Got A Date

Ever since I was a young girl in New Mexico, I always knew there was a big old world out there full of cities much bigger and much grander than my beloved Albuquerque.

Even as I was a small town girl and in many ways feared big cities, I was inexorably drawn to them as well. Always fascinated.

Once, The Good Man and I were talking about growing up. He in Brooklyn, me in the ‘Burque. I summed it all up this way, he grew up in New York knowing he was in the center of the world. I grew up in Albuquerque knowing I was pretty gosh darn far from it.

I’ve gotten around this big blue marble a little this year and I’ve seen some truly world class cities, but to me, New York (and to be precise, Manhattan) really is the center of the world.

And now, after a very long year with a lot of hard work, I have a little vacation coming due.

So The Good Man and I are getting on an aeroplane.

I have a date with that little ol’ island and I can hardly wait.

(Please forgive if the blogging is a little sparse this week. Just know I’m out there having fun!)

Image from Barewalls.com.

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  • Natalie

    Have a wonderful and much deserved vacation. I watched Alicia Keys’ segment on Person to Person last night and it was sooooo NY- Manhattan to be precise, and I thought it was so cool and sophisticated and tall and city-y. :)


    • Karen Fayeth

      We’ve actually gone to a couple Broadway shows. I feel soooo sophisticated-y when saying “oh yes, we have tickets to a show tonight”. I mean WOW!! Then I geek out and either fall down or say something dumb.

      It’s the magic of me.

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