Here’s Comes The Sun, doot n doot doot

Yesterday I had an appointment with the ol’ primary care doc, a follow up from my physical a month ago. Seems the kind doctor wanted to talk about my bloodwork.

Um, ok.

So she scrolls through the results of my blood work, tells me all looks pretty good except one thing.

Vitamin D.

The normal range is 30 to 100 thingamabobbers (I’m sure that’s the official medical term) and they like you to be about 50-60 thingamabobbers on a daily basis.

My score on this exam was 15 thingamabobbers. So yeah, I failed the test.

I knew that low vitamin D was a big deal, been reading about it more and more in the news, but I never figured this was a problem I’d have.

Well, doctor lady scared the crap out of me about my lack of thingamabobbers. Joint aches, insomnia, bad memory and osteoporosis are all side effects of low vitamin D.

Then the doctor lady looked at past blood work and noted that I’ve had a low thingamabobber count for two years.

This is where my 5’3″ doctor lady got mad. Real mad.

First she thought I’d been under her care and hadn’t taken her advice. She looked further and saw that I was under the care of another doctor in the same HMO when I got those other low readings.

That other doctor came along when my longtime primary care doctor retired. I never liked that new doc. I thought she was distracted and not very involved in my care. She was the doctor who told me to simply suck it up when I broke my little finger, and that was the final straw. I found a new doctor, the nice lady I have now.

“I cannot believe that other doctor didn’t do anything about this!” she ranted. There were some other under the breath mumblings and admonitions about “your bones are important!” and “you have osteoporosis in your family!”

Then she put me on a mega dose of vitamin D and ordered me to go outside more.

Me, the kid from the desert. The one who loves sunny days.

Also…the kid working twelve-hour days at work.

So you know, things change. Time to reacquaint myself with El Sol.

Hmm, it’s getting near lunchtime. Sorry boss, I need to go eat lunch outside today. Doctor’s orders!

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  • Dirty Butter

    GRRRRRRR! I’ve fired doctors, too. I’m glad you’re finally with someone who takes your situation seriously. A friend has bad arthritis, and they’ve put her on mega doses of D. She’s feeling much better, with lots less pain.

    I follow you on ExposeYourBlog.

  • Laura

    I’m glad your new doctor is on the ball and figuring out how to help you feel your best!

  • Natalie

    Well, ahem, considering I drive to work in the dark, hermetically seal myself in a building for most of the day and then drive home in the dark… huh… This could essssplain a few tings! I’ve been soooo achey and tired and I simply attributed it to too much work and the danged cold (have you seen how cold it’s been here? Crazy!) weather.
    I’ve also been forgetting to take my vitamins so, thank you. Thank you for the reminder to, a.) take my vitamins; b.) get out more; c.) make a doctor appointment.
    It’s time.
    Here’s to your good health!!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Dirty Butter – I’m finding the more I mention this to friends and family, the more I’m hearing about people who got bit relief from getting their Vit D levels up.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Laura – It still boggles me that the patient has such a large burden in the quality of their own care. We can no longer rely on doctors to simply do the right thing, the economics have become more important than the good of the patient.

    Frustrating, but I can’t change it. But I can sure change doctors until I find a good one.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Natalie – Cheers to your good health!

    And sending warm sunshiny thoughts to you, especially on those cold mornings as you wait for the train!!

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