Happy MLK Day!

I am grateful to Dr. King for many, many things.

I am also grateful for my new employer because they give employees the day off. This is the first employer I’ve worked for that honors this day.

So Happy Birthday to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

It is, indeed, a happy day. I wish Dr. King would have been able to see the historic even that happens tomorrow. The realization of much of his dream.

2009 is filled with lots of possibilities. And that’s the first time I’ve felt that way in a long time.

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  • R. E. D.

    Rosa sat so MLK could walk so Barack could run so our children can fly.

    Saw that on Twitter this morning. Made me smile. A little trite, but still — made me smile. I’m smiling a lot today.

    It shouldn’t have taken this long, but I’m so thankful for this day.

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