Geez, I’ve been doin’ it wrong all this time

(via Reuters) “The average Briton turns up to work with a hangover three times a month…”


“…each day more than 520,000 people in Britain go to work hung over”

AND they get all the bank holidays AND they get five weeks or more vacation.


On the downside: “…nearly one in five of those admitting that as a result they make mistakes and struggle to keep on top of their workload.”

Hmm. Everything’s a tradeoff, I suppose.


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  • Lucky

    That's only a tradeoff if you care about doing your job well. . .if you don't the Britons definitely win!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah yeah…there's that ol' doing a good job.

    Darn my conscientious nature! ( sly, evil grin )

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