Day 2

Brain at capacity.

Hoping to resurface soon.

I come home from work exhausted.

Not a NaNo word has been written in a couple days. I go from being caught up to falling behind…again. *sigh*

I got an office today. An actual office with a door and a pretty nice view out of the window.

And I get to use a Mac!

A little bit of familiar in days filled with the vastly unfamiliar.

Met all of my direct reports today. They don’t seem too upset or hostile about my appearance. We’ll see how this goes.

Meanwhile, I’m still the new kid at school but so far I’ve made a few friends, so maybe this won’t be so bad.

Here’s hoping.

Meanwhile, pardon me while I go try to keep my overtaxed brain from leaping from my noggin.

I plan to sleep profoundly tonight.

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  • Anonymous

    Hang in there, the most common fear among exec’s is inadequacy.

    Repeat to yourself the contract worker’s mantra when confronted with duties you don’t feel up to –
    “If not me, someone less qualified”

    And drive on!

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