I Keep Looking Over My Shoulder

I think I’m being stalked. I’m not sure how to prove it or what to do about it but I am pretty sure I’m totally being followed. By an otherwordly entity.

I have shouted “what do you want?!?!” but the face of the man following along remains passive, as if my shouts are lost to the cosmos.

This stalker goes by a few names, but we’ll go with Man in the Moon for the sake of ease and understanding. MITM keeps showing up everywhere lately, getting real close and glowy.

In the small morning hours when I head out to work, he’s there, peering over the hills and looking quite chilly yet magnetic. As I ride the train, he rides along but fades away as I get closer to work.

In the evenings as I drive home, he’s there hanging low on the horizon looking quite handsome. The evening attire is more of a warm and inviting yellow tone. He hangs out over the Bay and turns the tips of saltwater waves a golden amber. They wave as if beckoning me to dive in.

I try to ignore his intense gaze and then take a sharp curve in the road. For a moment I think he’s gone but then voop! there he is again, a little less bigger-than-life when taken from that angle but still there staring down at me with persistence.

I thought it was just a couple coincidences, but I’m pretty sure that the moon is chasing me. And maybe flirting with me too, just a little.

For all the world that big shining Snow Moon looks just like a gigantic cosmic Snickerdoodle.

He’s so charming, I just might take a bite.


Now tell me this doesn’t look like a snickerdoodle.

The full Moon as seen in Japan on Feb. 25, 2013. Credit and copyright: Masashi Ito.

Photo from Universe Today.

Marine Layer

Ya’ll know what that is?

Well, in my laywoman’s terms, it’s that low cloudy layer that creeps in over the Bay Area, not quite fog, not quite clouds. It’s misty, and damp and prevalent.

According to the Wikipedia entry, it’s “an air mass which develops over the surface of a large body of water such as the ocean or large lake in the presence of a temperature inversion.”

Fine. I’ll tell you this. It’s a regular visitor to the Bay Area.

It ruins Fourth of July. All you see are fireworks bursting behind clouds. Sort of a downer.

It interferes with summer baseball. You can actually see a high-flying ball hit the “inversion layer” and drop like a dying quail. Outfielders visiting my SF Giants are often flummoxed by this phenomenon.

It also makes it a bit warmer here, tho. Holding in the heat.

But you wanna know what the marine layer is doing tonight?

It’s blocking my freaking view of the lunar eclipse!!

It’s supposed to be spectacular. I guess it is. Not that I can tell.

: cranky :