As mentioned yesterday, my quest for “feel good” stories continues on, unencumbered.

When I read the headline of this ABQjournal article “Recent Widow Gets Back Her Stolen Car”, I thought it was right up my alley, and it was, in a way.

But I found a lump in my throat by the end.

Alia Dahl, a very pregnant Alia Dahl, is having a pretty rough month.

Her husband, Joel, stationed in Iraq, was due to be home in about a week. July 9, actually. He would have missed the birth of his son, but he would have been home.

I say “would” because Joel became yet another sad victim of the war on June 23.

The week after the death of her husband, her car was stolen.

Leaving her about a week away from having her labor induced and without her husband, car, or her packed overnight bag to go to the hospital.

I think Alia must be a stronger person than I am, because I’m not quite sure how I would have managed to stay upright and deal with all of that.

But here’s the part to feel good about. I’m not the only one who felt this nice lady got a real bad deal.

People starting taking up donations, pitching in, and in 24 hours $18,000 was raised to get Alia a new car.

The police also got pretty tenacious on the search for the lost car.

And you know what? They found it.

So Alia and her mom went to pick it up on Thursday. Alia was in good spirits, happily talking to reporters and answering questions.

When her water broke. She delivered a baby boy. Mom and son are healthy, happy, and they endure.

She even had the strength to make a joke, a joke referencing her husband:

“‘Just like his father, he has to be the center of attention,’ she said, laughing and holding her abdomen.”


Here’s to the abundance of everlasting human spirit found in Alia. Here’s hoping she can rebuild her life and carry on, for her herself, for her husband, for their son.


For some reason this story has really got me by the heart.

My past week has been a flurry of ferocity in the run up to the release of an over-hyped product. I keep feeling like I’ve lost perspective.

This article, this story, helped, a little………

Happy Friday to all.

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  • Natalie

    I was cryin’ half the morning over this story, day before yesterday. KOB radio was doing a live show and they had told the story and were accepting donations. My partner, “S”, was on her way home from work and decided to go to the live location. She offered her services as a professional photographer for mom and baby, once born. I guess she’ll be seeing this young woman sooner versus later. S and the radio personality were both in tears with chills running up and down their arms. It was a very emotional event.
    S said that people were driving to WalMart (across the street) and buying baby stuff and just dropping it off. The sheriff’s department has raised over $20k and intends on buying her a new car.
    The entire city has gotten behind this. And… this poor girl also has epilepsy and many nurses have offered her home health care help.

    The unbelievable amount of good will and generosity has been tremendous.

    This really is… the city of love.

    Go ahead, spread a little onto yourself. Then make some more biscochitos.

    NO. YOU have a great weekend.
    (Hey, will ya look at all of those smileys!)

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