Bend The Rules Until they Squeak

You know, over the years I’ve come to accept the fact that the internet is a place that full to brimming with misspellings, bad grammar, and callous disregard for the English language.

My only refuge has been in “respectable” news organizations that still take the art and rules of writing seriously. So there I am today, reading an article on a (relatively speaking) respectable news source.

Trouble is, I can’t focus on the article because this is glaring at me from the right hand side of my screen.

It actually hurt my head.

Yes, I know, that’s an advertiser and not CNN. Yes I know CNN just pumps out the ads, they don’t proof them, yada yada yada.

That said…Funk and Wagnall wept.

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  • JamieDedes

    In the old days, publications usually did copy edit and proof ads unlesa they came – as this one probably did – from an ad agency, where one would assume there's the appropriate expertise. You're right, it is a distraction. Good catch actually, Karen. :-)

  • JamieDedes

    … and there, for all my double-checking, is a typo!!! …. That's what some of us get for doing our blogging and blog-surfing sans glasses. :-(

  • Anonymous


    As I understand it many ad agencies require that their ads be published as received.

    Their reasoning is that the ad may be part of an ongoing, purposeful error sequence meant to illicit some response or other.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Jamie – I lament the lack of editors in the world. So many published books I read these days are full of errors.

    So I guess it comes as no surprise that the ad agencies don't have a strong editing team either….

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – Ah, good point.

    However, on this one, I think it was just plain oversight.

  • Anji

    They're trying to get at you at every opporotunity…

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