Am I Blue?

Yes I’m blue.

Heck yeah I am! A blue ribbon winner, that is.

Long time readers might remember last year when I brought New Mexico cooking to my local county fair. I whipped up a batch of biscochitos, the New Mexico State Cookie, and they were awarded the blue ribbon.

This year, I decided to bring New Mexico back to the fair by entering a special “Culinary Arts” competition.

The event? Enchiladas.

Aw, yeah.

I love making my version of enchiladas with marinated chicken and Hatch green chiles. So I signed up.

Today, I was quite nervous as the judges sampled my offering and wrote notes and counted points.

And then they awarded me first place!! Whoooooo!

How I beat the guy who made his own mole sauce, I’ll never know.

But what I do know is this. Anyone who wants me to whip up a batch? It’s gonna cost you, cuz I’ve got a double blue ribbon winning kitchen.

Oh Fair New Mexico…boo yah!

Photo by Karen Fayeth and taken with an iPhone4s, and subject to the Creative Commons license in the right column of this page.

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  • RED

    ZOMG. Congratulations!!! How much do YOU rock? We wanna come over for dinner.

    • Karen Fayeth

      RED – Thanks! I’m still totally geeked out about it. I won by one little ol’ point. I’ll chalk it up to the Hatch chile effect. ;)

  • Natalie

    That is totally F-Awesome! I think it would be awesome if we could all come over for dinner. Sopaipillas!!

  • sclaus

    Awesomeness, cuz! Now I must come up for dinner, it’s official. And as for the Sopaipillas, I have had them one (1) time in my life; when your mom made them for us. She sent a recipe home with my mom since we kids loved it so, but it was never the same again. Before my life ends I WILL try the experience again! Congrats again, cuz!

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