A few photos

I was strangely photographically uncreative and uninspired while on my trip to New Mexico. I think I was so sick I could only concentrate on blowing my nose. I’d expected to take a ton of photos, but only took a few.

The views in New Mexico are as breathtaking as always, but I had trouble capturing them on film. This is usually not an issue for me. New Mexico is really one big photo op.

Below are a few of the better ones, but not my best work, but they make me happy enough. It was such a great trip. I’m ready to go back.

This was on the way to Capitan

This is just outside of Fort Stanton

Taken at the Merchant Marine cemetery right across from Fort Stanton

This was on the way back to Alto from Fort Stanton. You just don’t get views like this anywhere else…..

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