And there you have it

So. 2008. S’up?

Been a wild one, huh? Ups. Downs. Really downs. Really *really* downs.

I got married. I changed jobs. I had a nice amount of money invested in some high upside stocks.

And then I had $1.75 and a bad mood.

We had a weird, wacky, wild run up to the election and lo and behold we got a new president-elect. Don’t make me regret voting for you, sir.

What lies ahead? A roller coaster economy, more businesses failing, maybe some recovery, and those wacky Democrats at the helm.

Put on your seatbelts. Arms inside the car at all times. 2009 promises to be a dark ride.

Cheers to you and yours.

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  • Anonymous

    Gotta say, used to live in Savannah where low scud is usual for New Years.

    Even Georgians are smart enough to crank the fireworks altitude down below the scud.

    Twice the bang for the buck, since the reflections off the scud and the ones “just” into the scud were more beautiful than regulars.

    Probably some silly safety concerns about fireworks set to go off right above your heads inhibits Californians.

    Silly Californians.


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