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  • Lucky

    It snowed here today, but it made me happy. I've recently moved from Belen to Rio Rancho, and anything RR does at this point is fine by me. Belen was. . .interesting. A little too much. And simultaneously very boring. This morning when I got up, I just thought it the most marvelous thing that I could go to Starbucks for coffee. The snow was pretty, and clean, and gone by noon, the way snow should be.

    But I am happy about spring. Except now I have rosebushes. No idea.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – my folks lived in the hinterland between Los Lunas and Belen (Los Chavez) for a long time.

    And so, when you speak of Belen, I can only say…I feel your pain.

    Rio Rancho is awesome. Nice move!!

    Sorry about the snow…. It's sort of winter's last practical joke.

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