You Want Bridge? I got Bridge.

Today’s Theme Thursday is bridge, and since I have a mild obsession with photographing bridges, this is right in my wheelhouse.

I like to photograph bridges from a car while traversing them (an iPhone camera is perfect for this task), which is both fun, and creates some unique shots. Here are a few of my favorites.

Let’s start with photos of the Golden Gate. It’s so beautiful that honestly, it’s hard to take a bad photo. The challenge is creating something that’s not been done before.

I have a lot of photos of the Golden Gate since I can’t be in the vicinity without snapping a few shots, so there was a lot to choose from.

The most unique of all my Golden Gate photos came from the QuadCam iPhone app. The balance of blue sky and orange bridge knocks me out. This exactly how it looks when The Good Man drives and I hang my head out the window to see the bridge as it goes by.

I never get tired of it.

Copyright 2010, Karen Fayeth

For years I was so enamored of the Golden Gate that I all but ignored the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. It’s an odd ball bridge, a mash up of two styles. But the more I drive the bridge, the more I appreciate both halves of the Bay Bridge and just how hard this poor bridge works every day.

Here’s the eastern span (soon to be replaced by a new design):

Copyright 2010, Karen Fayeth

And here’s the western span, a fascinating suspension:

Copyright 2010, Karen Fayeth

How about the lesser known but still really cool Carquinez Bridge? Like the Bay Bridge, it’s got two looks depending on which direction you are driving.

Heading north, it looks a lot like the eastern span of the Bay Bridge:

Copyright 2010, Karen Fayeth

Heading south it has a simple but elegant suspension design:

Copyright 2010, Karen Fayeth

Northern California has so many beautiful bridges to keep me and my lens occupies for years. And then, every now and again, I get a chance to get out of California and photograph other bridges.

I fell head over heels in love with the Brooklyn Bridge the instant I set foot on it. That stone structure is so incredible and powerful. And again, it’s so often photographed that I tried very hard to see something different through the lens.

I’d love to go back and try again since my photography skills have improved a lot since this was taken.

Copyright 2006, Karen Fayeth

There is a little bridge that crosses a bit of the Bay inlet near where I work. I’ve been thinking about that bridge for several weeks and it’s next on my list to photograph. It’s a short pedestrian bridge but comes with no small amount of charm.

I do love bridges

If you want more of a New Mexico flavor, keep an eye on Jim Baca’s blog, Bridges on the Rio Grande. It’s a project to document every bridge over the sometimes muddy sometimes mighty river from the Head Waters to the Gulf of Mexico.

All photos copyright Karen Fayeth and subject to the Creative Commons license in the far right column of this and every page of this blog.

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  • Natalie

    Ahhh… all the bridges of my childhood and teenaged years. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve traversed over those bridges. As a kid, I loved to lay down in the backseat and look up while crossing. I do have to say that the bay bridge always kind of scared me because it was weird to be traveling underneath. This was especially true after that big earthquake that squished it.
    Great pics!

    • Karen Fayeth

      Natalie – I sort of figured this post would resonate with you! You and me are doing the NM and Cali cross cultural exchange! :)

  • Rinkly Rimes

    I love the rather churchy feel of the last shot.

    • Karen Fayeth

      I’d never really looked at it that way, but now that you say it…I agree! Thanks for the new perspective!!

  • Anji

    I love those pictures. I’ve only seen the bridges you have shown on TV and in films – one day…

    I didn’t appreciate bridges until I started selling vintage postcards. There are some amazing bridges built by the French in Algeria. How do they make them stay up?

    • Karen Fayeth

      Anji – I am also fascinated by how bridges are engineered. Especially some of the really old bridges that stand the test of time. It’s really a marvel.

      Not long after I moved here I saw a documentary about how they made the Golden Gate and what it took to sink concrete into the crazy rushing waters of where the ocean meets the bay. It still blows my mind!!

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