Yeah well…

…you shoulda seen the other guy.

Poor feline is on the mend……it looks worse than it is.

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  • Natalie

    Awe!! It does look bad and ouchie. Poor baby. Glad she’s on the mend.
    Q, on the other hand, has been sneaking out of the house with the dogs. He got up on the (pitched) roof the other day and was stalking some pigeons. Now, I really hate pigeons but I do love that cat and, lemme tell ya, he had my heart fluttering. He WOULD NOT come down off the roof!! He is a pretty good hunter but graceful he is not. I had no choice but to leave him and occasionally jiggle the Pounce bag in an attempt to entice him down.
    No. Such. Luck.
    Several hours later, (Thank God!) he was meowing at the back door.

    He was dusty/dirty and fairly tuckered-out but okay.

    I hope your baby gets better soon. She looks pitiful!
    *kitty hugs*

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