Woo hoo! I did it!

Ok, yes, I’m here to brag. I completed my 50,000 words (NaNoWriMo doncha know). Did it yesterday evening and have been riding on a high ever since. (you can see the word counter over there to the left).

I’ll admit it, I’m a freak. I big fat word generating freak. I don’t know what got into me but I’ve been on a word frenzy. Sunday I just couldn’t write enough. I had an over six thousand word day. That’s weird. I own it. I’m a weirdo.

But this year I beat my best record which was completion on day 21. Hit ‘er on day 19 this year.


But wow am I a happy freak. Going to use the rest of this month and the momentum to actually finish this bad boy. I’m not terribly far off the mark, so yay!

Join me in celebration! There will be extra thanks around my Thanksgiving table this year!!


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