Whoa Nellie!

Back in March 2007, I started this little ol’ blog, with much tentativeness and apprehension.

It was The Good Man’s idea for me to become a blogger, and he’s been my biggest supporter all along.

So he made me a deal.

Threw down a gauntlet.

Set a goal for me.

If I could top 100 unique visitors in a single day, he’d buy me dinner.

A *nice* dinner.

Yesterday, I finally achieved that feat.

WHOOO HOOO!!! Dinner! Yeeessss!

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  • Lucky


    Hey, does that offer still hold? If so, does it count if I visit, then leave, then visit again, over & over? I'd be willing to do that to get you more dinner. I suppose that would be fraud, though.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – as wives have said about their husbands through the millennia…what he doesn't know doesn't hurt him!


    And anything that leads to more good eats for me is always welcome!

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