We meet again…

Hello I-5, my old friend. Together again.

This is ugliest stretch of road I know. And I am from New Mexico. I
know from ugly roads.

Let me put it into perspective:

I'd rather drive that stick straight desolate highway between Vaughan/
Encino and Roswell a thousand times than I-5 just once.

Ah well…

Mother New Mexico, I'm coming home.

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  • Avelino

    I have fond memories of driving on I-5. I didn’t do it often: just twice, actually, when I moved from New Mexico to Sunnyvale in late 2001, and when I moved back in early 2003. Each time the drive was solitary and punctuated by a lot of reflection on my part, and perhaps since they were bookends for that period I remember the drive differently.

    But in my mind’s eye, there was a lot of green, and I found the agricultural areas somewhat desolate but nonetheless interesting for the small details I saw.

    But who knows, you might know the real I-5.

    Glad you’re heading home though; eat some chile for me!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hey Avelino…you know what? The Good Man says much the same. He likes I-5 for the Zen out nature of it.

    Me, not so much. Every year I go to Spring Training in Arizona and every year I get a little grumpier about I-5.

    Today we had the “which is worse” debate….Orange County or Phoenix. It was a spirited debate. I believe it is about a draw……

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