Today is the kind of day…

…that leaves me questioning my choice of career.

You know the days like this…where you think “I’ve spent fifteen frappin’ years doin’ this gig…and FOR WHAT!?!?!”

Where you shake your head and huff and puff and maybe stamp your feet a little.

And inevitably you think: I shoulda been a _________.

I leave it blank because everyone’s got their own idea what to fill in.

For me, I always end up thinking up something, then thinking, “nah, that would suck too.”

I used to fill in the blank with “Starbucks Barrista” until my friend Natalie was kind enough to let us in on a peek at that life. Shoes that smell like rottey milk don’t sound like fun.

I mean, my job sucks today, but my shoes aren’t stinky (beyond my usual “like roses” natural aroma).

Sometimes I fill in “massage therapist” but then I *have* to think there are days where you just DON’T want to massage that sweaty hairy dude with the touchy-feely complex. Hmm.

Sometimes I fill in “beer truck driver” because then at least people would always be happy to see you. But then you’d have to sit in stupid traffic, only to arrive at your destination and break your back hauling cases of beer into the establishment. And if you broke a bottle or can, you’re back to your shoes stinking again.

I think I’d like to avoid stinky shoe jobs.

Or jobs where you have to work swing shifts.

Or graveyard.

Or deal too much with the public.

So normally, after pondering for a while, I just end up telling myself to “suck it up, buttercup” and get back to work.

Because I believe that every job has its better days and its “it didn’t pay to get out of bed” days.

By the by, I Googled “best job in the world” and got a few interesting hits.

Bikini Reflector Holder. Ostensibly for photo shoots? Hmm. Maybe.

Police officer? Methinks that’s the marketing department in full swing.

Staff Nurse? I can’t think of a more difficult job.

Public Accountant? Yawn.

And finally…one yabo listed “Parenting” as the best job in the world.

But back to Bikini Reflector Holder…..

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  • Natalie

    Yer danged right about leavin’ the stinky shoes jobs behind. But, let me be clear, that was a job that was okay except for the fact that I wasn’t working within my job description (manager) and ended up slingin’ far too many frappuccinos versus training, hiring, counseling, etc… and the company was (and is) way f’d-up.

    I’ve decided that every company is way f’d-up about some things. If your work/career feels like the f’d-up meter is tilting toward way f’d-up all the time, it’s time to re-think the career choice.

    Other times, you simply do your best to keep your head down, or take a vacation day, or just get through it, or, and I love this one, wait out the newly promoted asshole… and things work out okay.

    Still… can’t win if you don’t play has become a too familiar (losing) phrase in our home.

    And we just keep on keepin on.

    Here’s hopin’ you can do one of those keep yer head down, take a vacation day, etc… things.
    P.S. I love my new job and I see some of the f’d-up things about the company. So far, it’s all quite tolerable. I’m sure it will all wane and wax once I actually know what I’m doing. lol

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