This Woman is a Saint

“Las Cruces resident Karla Barela, 38, places red chile pork on the corn husks containing masa to make tamales Saturday at El Indio Tortilla Shop. Barela started making tamales at 4 a.m. and continued to make them at 12:30 p.m. (Photos by Richard Davis / For the Las Cruces Sun-News)”

At the end of the article, Karla sums it all up:

“Without tamales…it wouldn’t be Christmas.”


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  • Anji

    Dare I admit I didn't know what a tamale was until today? I just looked it up on Wikipedia.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Anji – For the state of New Mexico, it is a very traditional Christmas food. Generations of women will gather in the kitchen to crank out stacks of tamales.

    When done right, the meat is slow cooked starting the day before and the house is filled with the smell of both cooking pork and anticipation of the tamales to come.

    And the best part is that neighbors will give them to each other as gifts and ladies will bring them to work to be sure that the single folks or people who don't make tamales themselves have plenty of tamales to eat on Christmas day.

    Last year my Mom-in-Law and I made them for our own California Christmas treat and they were *delicious*

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