The Things I Could Talk About Today

Every morning after I wake up, stumble over the cat and yawn three times, I start to think about my day.

Part of that thinking involves devising a topic for my daily entry to this little ol’ blog.

Over the years, the topics have varied widely from news of the world to news of crevices of my mind. And food. Lots of talk about food.

So I thought quite a bit about what to write about today for this, my 997th post in the life of Oh Fair New Mexico.

I could write more about the really awful fire in San Bruno last night. About the stutter-stall from PG&E in addressing the situation, about the homes and lives lost.

I could go on a rant about the nature of mega-corporations (*coff*BP*coff*) and their inability to respond in crisis situations.

I could even write about the fact that my own employer is a way-too-huge corporation, and sometimes that worries me.

I might even wander out of my local area and riff on that wack-a-doodle “minister” (I use sarcastic quotes on purpose) who is so filled with hate and not a small amount of insanity, that he would endanger the lives of people around the world and American military troops just to get a little publicity for his wack-a-doodle 50 follower church.

I seriously considered discussing the conversation I had this morning with my boss, who is here in the US for three weeks, but who usually lives in London. He is a very kind, gentle and mellow man. He said to me this morning, “I don’t understand this man who wants to burn the Quran. Can you explain it to me?” I couldn’t. It is beyond my grasp.

I could discuss my growing dread regarding the upcoming California governor’s election in my state.

Or my belief that on both sides of the political spectrum, our US Congress has run so far off the rails that I’m unsure how we will ever find our way back.

And I could talk about how, really, this must be end of days because I can’t fathom this world where being so rude, being so self-centered, and being so utterly oblivious are acceptable. And yet, it is.

I even considered discussing how I’m what is considered a very sensitive person. In fact, there are books written on this subject, “The Highly Sensitive Person” and such. And because of that, how my choice to watch a blazing fire on my television all last night is really NOT good for my soul. How tweaked out I am about this whole thing.

Yes. I considered all of those topics and more.

But it’s Friday, and I’m exhausted. Three weeks ago one of my dearest friends died and I still can’t seem to climb up out of that grief.

And watching people lose their homes and their lives last night really did me in.

So today, I’m going to talk about a dog.

My first god dog, a heeler and Chihuahua mix, has been a good dog. She’s deaf and near blind and still very sweet. But she doesn’t run around and chase the ball like she used to.

My second god-dog is an adorable little beast. I’m not good with dog breeds, but I think he is a boxer. He’s a big, muscular dog with a menacing bark.

But he’s the sweetest little pea-pod of a dog I’ve ever known.

And he likes his godmom back.

There now. Let’s not think about the jacked up things in the world.

Look into those eyes. Doncha just feel better basking in the glow of this little bubba of a dog?

I know it makes me feel better.

Everyone just pat a cute dog on the head and love your neighbor and hug your family.

And let’s all have a nice weekend, ok?

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  • connieemeraldeyes

    Cute dog.
    About the guy that wants to burn a Quran. I didn't even know what a Quran is let alone have a fuss about burning it. Those people over there are burning our flag and a lot of people were burned when the planes hit the twin towers but they get all offended just by some crazy old whacky guy saying he is going to burn something. Why this made the news is beyond me. If the news didn't make such a big deal about it, just ignored the old quack, then nobody would be up in arms about it. If he burns any book, I would not care, it is just a book. They still have their books, why care what some old guys wants to burn.

  • Lucky

    I was starting to feel better, looking into into those sweet eyes.

    Then I read the above comment.

    But hey, it's your blog Karen. I'll let you take that one.

    I'm gonna go pet my dog. Even though he is currently barking at reflecting light like a lunatic.

  • Anonymous


    Before you roast your chile go to a middle eastern grocery store and buy some 'lavash' flat bread. It comes in large (12in. x 12in.) square sheets. Also, buy some Colby Longhorn cheese and some black olives.

    Cut a sheet of lavash in half and, on one side, pave the whole thing with cheese shavings, roasted chiles and a sprinkling of black olive slices. Sandwich it with the other half of the lavash. Place under the broiler until the cheese starts to melt. Cut in sections and serve. The chile should be peeled, deseeded, split and laid flat. I use Lavash because I think it tastes very like La Joya flour tortillas as made by my mother.

    La Joya chile verde quesadillas.

    Chile expert

    FWIW Here's an idea for you. Re-read last week's blogs and pick out one of your one sentence paragraphs. Write a Friday blog about that single sentence.

  • Natalie

    That is definitely a boxer. Not sure if it's a pure breed but is definitely a pure sweetie. :)

    I'm snuggling with my pooties tonight.

    The outside world is a very messed-up place!

    P.S. Word verification is "dingers"

  • Karen Fayeth

    connieemeraldeyes – I don't necessarily agree with your comments, but I defend your right to express them here, because I believe in Freedom of Speech, as granted in the Constitution.

    My belief in Freedom of Speech is also why I cannot abide by burning books, even the books we don't like or agree with.

    So thank you for your comment. It certainly got me thinking and for that I'm grateful to you.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Lucky – My goddog's owner informed me today that my sweet little mutt jumped the fence again. Ooooh is he in troooouble!

    I'd say the guy just needed to run, but dang, he's got an acre of back yard to run around in! Crazy dog.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ephraim – I love lavash bread. The Good Man's maternal side of the family is of Middle Eastern descent, so I've been introduced to all manner of delicious treats!

    I read your comment to TGM and he shouted "YUM!"

    So I'm guessing we'll be trying your idea soon.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Natalie – Hug all your mutts! They deserve extra loves! They make the world seem like a much less messed up place.

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