Take 2

Dawn Patrol is up and so am I.

I must be crazy.

However, today is special shapes! I feel like a kid at Cutter Field again. W00t!

Yanno, that cloud cover yesterday made things feel a bit warmer. Today is just nice and frosty cold. Yeow!

Photos to come if I can score 'em.

Woo. I am *tired*! And delerious. I am dangerous when I am delerious.

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  • Erik

    Enjoying your blog. Keep it up. I look forward to seeing more shots from the balloon fiesta.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Hey Erik! So glad you dropped by!

    I'm sorting through the just over 320 photos I took yesterday. Stay tuned!

    I showed all the photos to my two goddaughters,and they were mas impressed, so that's always a good sign! :)

  • Erik

    Woohoo!!! Can't wait. I love balloons.

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