Sweating his way to the White House

It’s undignified, really, but in an ironic way it’s appropriate.

The Governor of New Mexico quote “…sweated his way through two sets of shirts…” while stumping at the Iowa State Fair.

I get it, really I do. Visiting the Iowa State Fair is a tradition. It’s the first state out of the gate, and important, and being at the fair is expected. In that, he did what he should.

Poor brotha man was representing our fair state while enduring a heat index of 106°.


But did Obama sweat? Did Hillary have to change blouses? Oy Billy!! Get some Right Guard and get it together!

We all know how well being a sweaty bastard worked for Nixon……..

(PS I just love the rasquache quality of the ABQjournal making a whole article out if the man’s rampant perspiration. Hard hitting journalism…..)

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  • Natalie

    Yet another reminder of why I left Chicago. If the cold didn’t get ya, the hot, sweaty summers did.

    It hasn’t exactly been a dry heat here but the swamp cooler has been enough to stay cool.

    And if that isn’t enough… I am eternally grateful that my S insisted we move to NM versus to Tucson. (I still owned a home there, at the time.) How in the hell I ever lived there for 13 years is a mystery to me.

    I can hardly wait for Fall.
    Not to rub that in or anything.

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