Well this kind of sucks.

I went to my random word generator, seeking blog ideas.

And it gives me a word that not only I don’t know, but the Dictionary application on OS X doesn’t know either.

The word is: eyne

Apparently, an archaic word meaning the plural of eye, oft used in poetry.

Or…a spot in France. But I think the word generator means the first definition.

The “complexity” chooser is set to “common”. I wouldn’t call eyne common.

Oh well.

Here we go:

But what do mine eyne see, but the fog of June gloom falling over me.

I can’t seem to buy a sunny day here in the Bay Area. And it’s depressing me. Today is windy and *cold* and, being of the desert, am not amused.

Then I keep reading NewMexiKen’s top lists of books, and find I’ve only read a few.

And then this whole eyne issue.

Not one of my better days….

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  • Anonymous

    Ken's lists are nothing but reminders of opportunities – when I stand at the bookstore and cannot find ANYTHING…there are the many classics I missed.

    And I don't want to hear about weather – co-workers are starting the "It's not usually so wet" refrain.

  • Old Bogus

    Being from Texas originally, I recognize this word. It means keeping an eye on, as in "eyein'".

    "I been eyein' that truck on the corner lot but someone awready got it."

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