Son of a &*$#^#ing mother *@!$&ing holy *&)^%$#!!!

Look at it, isn’t it lovely? It’s own glimmering constellation. A shimmering planet hovering in space, reflecting the rays of light.

An ethereal orb. A beacon. A sign.


The m-effing new ding in my windshield. This was caused by a rock flung from the tires of a big truck as I drove down 101 yesterday afternoon.

It’s only mildly funny that it happened as I was smack in the middle of a great big yawn. Biiiig sleepy yawn and then *whang*.

And then the curse words. Lots and lots of curse words. A string of expletives befitting a sailor on shore leave.

Because, of course, this window pock is right at my eye level on the driver’s side.

Which means in addition to the other eight thousand things I have to do this week, I now have to deal with my insurance company.

One of my very least favorite things to do. Just above a DMV visit for a new driver’s license and one rung below annual lady physical.

Rattin’ smattin’ rootin’ tootin’ gall durn window ding.


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  • Nadine in Nevada

    There are the companies that will come out and do the replacement right in your work parking lot so that will save a smidge of time.

    Did the rock come out of the truck or was it kicked up off the road? If it came from the truck did you get the company name? That’s when I fire off a phone call and let them know they owe me a windshield. :D

    • Karen Fayeth

      Yeah, but there is a whole insurance THING to do and coordinating and paperwork and so on. Just one more straw on this ol’ camel’s back.

      Didn’t get the company name. I’ll remember that for next time.

  • Emmett

    Arizona for reasons I never understood, mandated windshields do not go against your deductible. All free.

    During the building boom of the 2000s I was getting four or five of those bulls-eyes a year. But rocks were the least of what hit my windshield, including cement roofing tiles, reinforcing steel of various sorts, landscaping power tools and plywood in various sizes.

    About once a year I’d break down and replace the windshield.

    Quickly learned that if I paid cash and let the insurance company reimburse me instead of making my tradesman do it, the cost went from $600 down to $250. I also got really fast, happy service. One guy pulled a body tool out of the back of his truck and popped a dent for me when I bought my third windshield from him.

    Repairman have a number of reasons to hate your insurance company more than you do including; they are slow to pay – up to 75 days, they will steal business and send it to preferred tradesmen, they will try paying 75% of the bill and see if they will fight back…
    Just vile.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Emmett – Oh yeah, the insurance industry is creepy. And yet…we’re forced into using them. Just. Ugh.

      Good info, thanks for passing it along.

  • Natalie

    Oh. C’mon now. You lived in NM. Approximately 95% of all windshields have cracks and/or big ol’ dings in them. This is how we roll. We have no choice in the matter, of course, because of all the crap on the roads, tailgating, and big ol’ trucks kicking up stuff. I had a guy in front of me fall asleep on the road, swerve into the median, and kick up a whole crapload of rock onto my car-TWO WEEKS AFTER I BOUGHT IT. You wanna talk about swearin’? Oh, man! I was sooooo pissed!
    Safelite is my friend.

    • Karen Fayeth

      Nat – Oh girl, you are so right. My windshields always had a crack in NM. And the heat would make that crack grow even as I was driving. *sigh*

      Sure don’t miss tumbleweed bits hanging off my radio antenna tho. :)

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