So…let me get this straight…

You schtupped an Argentinean woman, thus cheating on your wife and kids.

You are a governor, and you disappeared without a word to anyone in order to get the schtupping done.

But your plight is much like that of King David?

“South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford…said King David ‘fell mightily, fell in very, very significant ways, but then picked up the pieces and built from there.'”

oooooh kaaaaay

Link here.

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  • Elise

    He has some kinda effing nerve, doesn't he?

  • Anonymous

    He even asked for her permission to go see the other woman. That is what I call *alls. My advice to her, dump him quick. Now she knows what he is. South Carolina ought to dump him too

    Igor Stone

  • Natalie

    The real problem is… it seems they all have major indiscretions. I mean, c'mon, power does corrupt, right? Look at Edwards… Kennedy's, oh, hell, the whole lot of 'em.
    Liars, Liars, pantalones on fires!

  • Old Bogus

    I was amazed how romantic his e-mails to her were. I didn't think Republicans had it in them!

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