She’s been wronged

And the f$%^ing New York Post can’t help themselves.

“ESPN HOTTIE ERIN ANDREWS IN PEEP SHOCKER” screams the headline (I won’t link to that trash).

Gasps of shock that this could happen run through the story.

And YET…

That rag posts screen grabs from the video with a “modesty” black bar across her parts.

The video taken of her is both illegal and vastly offensive.

And in reporting the offense, one shouldn’t also include the video, links to the video or screen grabs.

The media is just perpetrating that what happened to her is ok. Spying via the peep hole in her hotel room door is ok, right? She’s just a woman, after all, and a really good looking one, too. Oh, and she’s in the public eye, so getting video of her naked is a-ok, right?

Oh, she can’t just be good at her job, nope, she’s gotta be a “hottie” too.

And that the media is taking this with a behind the hand ho-ho-ho takes me from miffed to furious.

The Baltimore Sun got it a bit more respectful (but still smirky with the air-finger quotes), so I’ll link to this article for reference:

ESPN: Erin Andrews ‘grievously wronged’ by video


Edit: Story is emerging. Good opinion piece here. Thanks to NewMexiKen for the link.

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  • Elise

    Are you at all surprised?

    That behavior–at its foundation, it's the same perverted bullshit that all women deal with throughout the young/pretty part of their lives.

    How many of the men who are venting their outrage went ahead and snuck a peek at the video? Most of them. They won't admit it, but they did.

    It's wrong/offensive when it's your friend, your sister, your mom, your wife, your daughter. When it's someone else's, it's just boys being boys.

  • Karen Fayeth

    You're right on all counts, Elise. Thanks for the comment. I'm less angry now, back to peeved.

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