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  • Anonymous

    Just google Denver and Prairie dog.

    The number of developments shut down is staggering.

    My fave involved “relocation” of an entire colony – $500,000. And the only site willing to have them relocated to their land was a preserve out on the edge of Denver.

    Of course it was an eagle preserve and the colony was wiped out almost immediately.

    And they are only plaguey rodents because of the San Francisco city fathers – so Santa Fe should ship them to San Francisco for adoption!


  • Karen Fayeth

    Wiped out by eagles? Damn, Emmett, that’s the best laugh I’ve had all day!!

    Please, don’t ship those rodents here. These people would find jobs for the plaguey b*stards and ask me to donate money to the Prairie Dog Self-Esteem program.

    And besides, The Good Man won’t let me shoot at squirrels with a bb gun. And what fun is a prairie dog colony without a bb gun?

    (insert animal activists flinching here)

  • Anonymous

    When I was tending summer cabins in the mountains, I had prairie dog problems in my pasture. Visiting Mom and Dad would routinely “go take a nap” and leave their kids wandering around bored.

    I’d take the unsupervised warts and hand them a .22 and a brick of ammo and point to the “Horrible Ankle-Breaking Rodents” and ask they not shoot the horses.

    When the parents finally surfaced and asked about kids I’d point to the pasture, where the bloodthirsty heathens would be digging bloody, dying rodents out of holes to show off the carcasses.

    Didn’t dump kids on ME twice.

    And my rodents went away in a couple summers : )

    Used to love the look in their little bloodthirsty eyes when handed an unsupervised firearm.

    No helmets.


  • Anonymous

    Dear, please tell the nice people that you were actually a teen yourself at the time.

    Somehow, that makes it a little better. I can’t remember why.


  • Anonymous


    Sort of implies I’d do something different now.


  • Karen Fayeth

    “Sort of implies I’d do something different now.”

    That may be my NewMexiKen-style quote of the day!


  • Old Bogus

    We have these interestingly built creatures intermittently. But a few years ago a very hungry badger killed the whole colony off!

    More recently, a homeowner with a wonderfully cute prairie dog town until they all mysteriously died with all the mounds covered. People move to the country and complain about the wildlife eating their petunias.

    A neighbor will sit for hours in his front “yard” with his 22, shooting pocket gophers. I suggested he hang them on his fence as a warning to others of this murderous species. It wasn’t well received.

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