Same planet, different worlds

I’ve lived in the Bay Area for ten years. You’d think in ten years I’d be used to the peculiarities of this great place where I live. But still, it makes me laugh.

Was browsing headlines today on SFGate (the online presence for the SF Chronicle, discussed yesterday) and found this headline on the front page….(I am not making this up)

A Possibility of Thunder

Seems there is a storm brewing and it’s headed our way. Seems there might be a chance of thunder and lightning.

And this is news, why? Top headline news?

When we actually do have thunder and lightning, it’s covered on the television news. In detail. With “on the scene” reporters.

Oh my. Well, to use an over used phrase….where I come from….if someone said there was a chance of thunder this afternoon, all good New Mexicans would be like….”yeah….and???”

The ongoing saga of a New Mexico girl in California continues…..

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  • Natalie

    Sometimes… no news is good news.
    The news here is we were told to expect sunshine and you know what?
    We got it.
    What a surprise!

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