Round and Round The Mulberry Bush

I find myself with a rare few hours this afternoon where my calendar does NOT have somebody’s name and silly meeting title plopped across wide spans of my time.

I mean an afternoon with no meetings is pretty damn rare. I’m almost scared. Like “did we all get the afternoon off and I didn’t know about it?”

So I figured I’d make good use of some found time and tip tap away at a post for my little ol’ blog.

Of course, when I actually have some time and some room to stretch my word wings, I have zero, zip, zilch, nada things to say.

Probably not surprising given that my last post was about my walnut bladder.

I went to my trusted fall back method of using a random word generator to spark ideas.

The word that was presented to me was: Mulberry

As in pop goes the weasel? Hmm. So I went to Google to see what I could links might give me interest in writing a couple words.

First I sifted through the voluminous links about Mulberry, the British leather accessory company. Boring.

Then I read the Wikipedia page about the plant. *yawn*

Then at the end of the Wiki entry, I saw this sentence:

Vincent van Gogh featured the mulberry tree in some of his paintings, notably “Mulberry Tree.”

What’s this, then? A Van Gogh mulberry? Now that’s interesting. I would not call myself a scholar of Van Gogh’s work, but I have done some poking about. Read some books. Have even seen one of his works live and in person at New York’s MOMA (I cried because I was so profoundly affected).

So today my lack of creativity and reliance on a tried and true prodding method caused me to discover a new (to me) painting by a favorite artist.

That’s not so bad, now is it? One might say both inspired and inspiring.

Here’s the painting. It touches me deeply in ways I can’t quite describe. And that’s the beauty of art.

The Mulberry Tree by Vincent Van Gogh

Image used under a Creative Commons license from Wikimedia.

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  • Ur bro

    Watching Dr. Who episode wher e the doctor and Amy meet Van Gogh

  • Ur bro

    Wow they took Van Gough to Paris in 2010 and showed him the Van Gogh display at the Musee de Orsee… Very cool

    • Karen Fayeth

      Yup, that episode goes back a few years. We watched it awhile ago.

      It’s a good episode, quite melancholy. I had a hard time at first that the actor playing Van Gogh had a heavy Scottish accent. A Dutch painter with an Scottish brogue? But the actor was so good that I got over it by the end of the episode.

  • Ur bro

    He certainly looked the part…

  • Frank

    I commend you on writing that post without mentioning Dr Suess. When I see Mulberry he’s all I can think about until the next day. I become trapped in a world of Dr Suess characters.

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