Public Service Announcement, a deux.

Weirdly, I’m not seeing a lot of big news about the peanut butter crisis.

In case you haven’t heard, salmonella in peanut butter. Not good.

Here’s a link to the FDA recall site. Click here.

Albuquerque Public Schools has pulled all peanut butter off their school menus. ABQjournal article here.

I guess not enough people have been sickened or died for this to be big news.

For you, my friends. Head’s up. Take precautions as you deem necessary.

And best news ever? Girl Scout Cookies are safe.

Whew. I already ordered a box of Tagalongs. Yeah, baby!

P.S. I find this photo mildly food pornish. No?

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  • Anonymous

    Gotta say I have been watching the sales, and if I was employed; as much as I want some savings….if you were shopping for big ticket items and want to negotiate this ain’t a bad time.

    Hyundai 100000 mile warranty, take your car back if you lose your job, under 10K.

    Big screens, peanuts.

    Financing? If you can get it you can beat them over the head for terms.


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