Overheard on the elevator

Two women talking, one noticeably pregnant.

First woman: “I’m telling you, get the massage oil, have your husband rub it on your belly. It’s very relaxing and helps with stretch marks. Plus, you know, it’s very bonding.”

Pregnant woman: : cynical laugh : “Oh trust me, we’re not bonding.”


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  • Teresa Blankmeyer Burke

    Those dry erase pens…do you have white boards in the building?

  • Karen Fayeth

    Teresa – yup, there are. And some people use those Vis a Vis pens on their whiteboards…trouble is, the pens have such a fine point that the writing ends up too small for use in a meeting (you have to get up close to the whiteboard to see).

    But yup, I do think some folks use the that way.

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