On the road again

Had a nice stay in Las Cruces. Visited Mesilla. Had some Sonic (yes!)
and enjoyed the whole point of this trip…an engagement party thrown
by my best friend.

The evening threatened rain, the wind blew like hell, and lightening
sliced at the sky.

Ultimately we got tiny sprinkles, lots of wind and a gosh darn dirty

Ended up being a gorgeous, fresh evening with good friends and friends-

And we had (all homemade) chile meat, tamales, taquitos, enchiladas,
ceviche (a new trial receipe and a big hit), raw Hatch chile with dip,
homemade ice cream and a lotta story telling.

We stayed up until 2:00 am visiting and I feel much happiness today.
Roots of my raising and all that.

Today we are on the road to ABQ, almost there in fact.

Am tired but pleasantly so.

The days are flying by so fast……

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