Oh my…how utterly delicious!

Found on the internets, beatiful, stunning, precious and semi-precious stone Dia de los Muertos rings and pendants…from….

You’ll never believe this….


Oh sweet pretties, from the “Coffret de Victoire” collection available on the Dior Joaillerie website.

I note the site doesn’t list prices. Er, sure.

But you know, if anyone has any piles of cash laying around they’d like to blow, I’d sure love this first ring (skull crafted in coral) :

Or, you know, I’d sure take this ring (skull crafted in turquoise) :

Sure wouldn’t refuse this ring either (skull crafted in mother of pearl) :

Or how about a stunning pendant? Again, in coral.

But gee, I sure wouldn’t like to have this one.

Yeah, not really. Just trying to be modest. This pendant is *gorgeous*!

I’ll be looking for all five of these baubles to show up under my Christmas tree this year….

In, uh, Karen-Fantasy-Christmas-World!

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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  • Elise

    OMG those are astounding. There is some mind-blowing stuff in those collections. So over the top, but in the very best of ways.

    There's one piece (in the Incroyables collection-the ring that peeks out from behind the screen) with an amethyst the size of the space shuttle–oh sweet Jesus, can you picture that with a super sleek column gown in royal purple? Nothing else? Just some gorgeous gold platform sandals, the dress and the ring? Swoon.

    There are a couple pairs of earrings I'd just about kill for, too.

    I've always loved Dior.

    And you know, I normally hate all-Flash sites with audio, but I like this one. The audio is PERFECT.

  • Karen Fayeth

    I can't seem to figure out where one would buy Dior jewelry? I looked at Neiman, I looked at Bergdorf, no luck (online at least).

    I want to torture myself by knowing how much I'd have to pay for one of those beauties.

    Yeah, there are a lot of items in that Dior collection that I'd commit bad acts to obtain.

  • Elise

    With the exception of watches and a few other lines (like lingerie), which are/is carried in Neiman, etc., you usually have to buy Dior in a Dior boutique.

    I don't even want to know those prices.

    Oh, well, maybe I'll win the lottery this week. If I do, which one would you like?


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