Oh and…

The Feline would like you to know it’s cold, so if you could crank up the heater then sit down and allow me to suck all the warmth from your human body, that would be great.

Oh, and more kibble in the bowl too…

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  • Anonymous

    Good advice!

    We had a sort of similar experience with a fireplace insert of phenomenal EPA rated efficiency;

    After days of getting used to using it (not much like a fireplace actually) we stuffed it full before retiring and then damped it down as usual.

    Woke at 2 to a house filled with smoke down to knee level. Choking, biting, acrid smoke.
    Whole house.

    Opened all the windows (30 degrees outside) until daybreak.

    Turned out to be operator error, apparently we hadn’t gotten it hot enough prior to banking it down – who knew, doesn’t come with a temp gauge – or much in the way of instructions.

    But if improperly put to bed, the apparently “sealed” fireplace will pour RIVERS of smoke out the breather holes in the bottom and will not stop until all fuel is consumed.

    Went to HD and picked up combined smoke/CO1 detectors.


  • Karen Fayeth

    Whoa…waking up to a smoke filled home…THAT is some scary #$%^.

    Glad you and E are fine and have a detector. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Anonymous

    My sis-in-law gave us a Carbon Monoxide detector for Christmas. She lives in Glenwood Springs CO and heard about a family in Aspen who died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning. That’s when she decided to give us one for Christmas. We installed it the next day!

    Beth in Taos

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