Next on the list of things California will never do.

You go New Mexico!

Tax Free Weekend coming up.

From Friday Aug. 1 through Sunday, Aug. 3, no taxes on what you buy. Zero. Zip. Nada. (there is a link in the article for exact items that are tax freeā€¦not everything is)


Saving 6.75% is worth it. Get out there and stimulate the economy!

Me, this weekend, I’ll still be paying California’s exorbitant 8.25%.

Our state economy is so jacked up, we can’t afford to take that kind of hit. If we had a tax free day, folks would FREAK out. Ah well.

Go Oh Fair New Mexico for figuring it out.

Source: ABQJournal.

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  • Natalie

    Yup, it's this weekend. This is supposed to benefit Back to School savings however… no one has school supply lists yet.

    We'll be guessing and just hope for the best.

    If there was ever a time to buy a new laptop… it's now.

    I am sooooo very tempted.

    S just got a new Blackberry. I'm so jealous. A new laptop would be just the thing for a good tit for tat.

    I'm thinkin' I'll wait, though, and just get an iphone in December when my contract is up with AT&T.

    So there!

    Gov. Richardson has proposed a tax relief check for all New Mexicans. Not sure if that's gonna happen but that would totally sweet.

    Growers Market is starting to sell chili's… I can hardly wait to be drivin' around town, smellin' freshly roasted chili. That's when I always, always get inspired to make homemade tortillas.

    God, I think I'm hungry… lol!


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