Name your favorite kitchen gadget

Last weekend, I went to a book signing by Wona Miniati who is a coauthor of The Trader Joe’s Companion, a fun cookbook with easy recipes.

Wona made a couple items for the audience so we could see some of the recipes in action.

As she was squeezing a lemon, she began to wax rhapsodic about the citrus juicer she was using, like this one:

She told us that it was her absolutely favorite ever kitchen gadget. She made it sound so enticing, it makes me want one!

And it got me to thinking…what is my favorite kitchen gadget?

Well, besides my Moka Pot for coffee (oh sweet love):

And my juicer (I was just singing to you this morning):

Which aren’t really cooking gadgets, they are more for making The Delicious.

I’d have to say my absolute favorite kitchen gadget, the one I use for cooking all the time, never lets me down, always on my side, my god how did I ever live without it is…my garlic press (this one is exactly like mine):

Oh man, do I love that thing. *Squirt* and there’s tasty garlic ready to rock and roll.

I have deep emotional ties to garlic.

It might be my favorite seasoning.

Although…it’s a pretty close battle with:

Cumin is the wonder spice. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

I believe if stranded on a deserted island with a head of garlic and a bottle of cumin, I could make knockout food to sustain. I really do!

Do you have a favorite gadget or spice? Let me know, I might end up with kitchen lust!

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  • Lucky

    Definitely my potato ricer. Looks a lot like the garlic press, just bigger. Pop in a boiled potato and presto! non-lumpy, super creamy mashed potatoes. (I have been known to throw a couple of cloves of garlic in with the potatoes, too!)

    It's a bear to clean, though.

    Close second is the ice-cream maker. If this were summer, I might just be writing this in reverse.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oooooh, a potato ricer. I don't have one of those babies. I have heard many good things…..oh dear, here comes the lust. *want*!

    And you know, we got an ice cream maker for the wedding and haven't used it. I am a BIG fan of homemade ice cream. I think it's better that it is put away….I'd be all over that thing every day.

    Both good calls, Lucky!!

  • JoeTaxpayer

    Chef's thermometer. Great to check poultry for doneness.

  • Jamie Dedes

    Oh, potato ricer! Yes. Mine seems to have gone the way of all things. Maybe TGM has it in one of those unpacked boxes keeping company with both the zesters. :-) Mom used to use the ricer to make mashed potatoes and carrots with lots of butter. The extent of her cooking creativity, but they were great . . . comforting and tummy warming.

    I would love, love, love to have another meza luna for mincing fresh herbs, but I don't know if they are being manufactured any more.

    I must be getting old. :-)

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah, Joe, good call!

    I've been wanting one of those bbq forks that also has a thermometer on it. A must have!

    Oh, and Jamie, I got super excited that we might actually own a potato ricer, but TGM said nope, he doesn't have one. *sigh*

    I had to look up a mezzaluna. VERY cool, and yes, they still make 'em!

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