My Current Approach

While I am thinking about the crazy things happening in the amazing town of Boston right now, I have to also step back from new coverage. It freaks me out and hypes me up and that’s exactly what these media agencies want from me.

So here’s my solution (image from and found via friend of the blog @ReenieWeenie on Twitter)

Yeah. That seems to work best.

In other news….

Sorry for being a MIA the past several days. There’s a lot of stuff going on including crazy stuff at work (for FB friends the gopher chewing through a key fiber link was just the beginning) and The Good Man and I are moving to a really cool new pad, but right now life is boxes. Bleah.

But! Today the weather is gorgeous and those I love are safe and healthy. For that I have gratitude. Meanwhile I wish for the best resolution possible for this Boston situation.

Happy Weekend!

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