Mine is a *special* alarm clock

I’m a bit sleepy today.

You see, there is this rather large male blue jay that has decided to make our backyard its home territory.

It is a rather beautiful bird, nice to look at. But the jay does not have the prettiest of all the birdsong.

You can hear the sounds here (at about :08 is the beginning of what my jay sounds like), though I’m not sure that clip entirely does the volume and rastyness of the jay in my backyard any justice.

There is a power line that runs through the yard, and he perches on that, stares into the windows of my home, and squawks. Loudly. It can only be described as a squawk. And Mr. Jay makes this unpleasant sound at about…oh, I don’t know…a half hour to an hour before my actual alarm clock goes off.

So I’m nice and awake well before I ever wanted to be awake.

Ah, but if only I could fit the blue jay with a timing mechanism so that it would raise up its blue jay raucous at *exactly* the time my alarm goes off…well that would be nice.

Because ya can’t sleep through the racket.

And he ain’t got no snooze button either.

The good news is, in case the jay decides not to show up on a certain day, I have a backup alarm.

Another rasty animal who is all to happy to put up a hungry racket well before the alarm clock:

Cranky Feline

It’s a wonder we can get any sort of sleep around here at all.

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  • Elise

    Jays are freakin' LOUD.

    We only have the felines to wake us now that all the baby racoons have grown up and moved away. This morning, Junior started waking us at 3am. Which means I spent my entire day waking HIM up every time he closed his little eyes. WAKE UP, JUNIOR!

    PS: I love your kitty.

  • New Mexican

    I am having a sexed up Robin trying to attract a mate wake me up at 4:30 in the AM. Singing away, trying to wake up the female robins in the area. I bought me a sleep noise machine that makes soothing sounds and I use it to drown out the sexed up Robin.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Elise – oh, I do that to my feline too. "Waaaake up! Wow, doesn't that suck when you are fast asleep and someone wakes you up?'

    I find my cat has no sense of irony.

  • Karen Fayeth

    New Mexican – I would seem that Spring has, in a manner of speaking, sprung at your place.

    Nice idea on the white noise machine.

  • Elise

    There is nothing worse than a sexed up Robin. Just ask Batman.


    (I'm not even sorry!)

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh no you di'int!

    Oh yes you diiiiid!

    *snicker, snort*

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