Man, this is why I love New Mexico so much….

Because of things like this article which made its way into the somewhat respectable ABQjournal.

Titled “Courthouse Camera Catches Curious Image”, there is speculation that an errant image seen on security tapes might be a ghost. Furthermore, they think they know who the ghost might be.

And to the good folks of New Mexico it’s *totally plausible*….AND it made the newspaper!

I love that! I’m totally bought in! I’m the girl who thinks I could see a woodbending Jesus at Loretto. The one who has deeply inspected the chairs and the dark corners of the Double Eagle in Mesilla and who goes into the store (also in Mesilla) that once was the courthouse and tries to squint to see the ghosts of criminals who swung from the trees in the plaza.

I’m in! And now that I’ve seen the video, I’m even MORE bought in! Weird!!!!

(heck, this story even made the San Francisco Chronicle!)

Video here:

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  • Natalie

    LOL… that is really funny. I totally want to say, “Only in New Mexico” and follow that up with a Roswell quip. However, I believe I’ll just leave it at: I believe you may be our very own Haley Joel Osment. You know, that “I see dead people” kid?
    The old Memorial hospital is up for sale. I remember looking at the photos and seeing several orbs floating around in the parking lot and thinking, man, you can bet those are some wacky spirits! (Can you imagine “psychiatric” ghosts? Zoiks!)

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