Keeping that eye sharp

I had a phone call recently with my photography teacher. She’s invited me on a photo field trip with some of her more advanced students (more details to come) and I’m oh so very honored and excited!

So, in preparation, I gotta keep that ol’ eye and technique sharp.

Lacking for much inspiration yesterday, I went for a walk around my yard.

You know, I don’t usually look at what is going on in my own yard unless there is something blooming or very unusual.

But even in winter there is some beauty to be had.

Here’s a few shots from yesterday (click on photo to see large version):

Our gnarled, unkempt rose bushes that still manage to put on beautiful roses all year round.

Remember my persimmons? They are still hanging in there long after the leaves are gone. That is a persistent fruit!

The neighborhood wild animals really like that the persimmons are ripe. This keeps them thriving so they can continue to knock over my trashcans every night. *sigh*

Lemon tree in my neighbor’s yard. Freakishly large lemon!

My landlord *hates* the clover, and yet every year, the clover defeats the landlord. I understand why he hates the clover, it chokes out everything…but it is kind of pretty too…

Our next door neighbor was so happy when he moved in and saw the yard. He was fired up to plant a garden. Then he got crazy busy at work and the poor tomatoes languished.

(the light was so interesting that you can actually see my reflected outline in the tomato skins if you look close at the large photo)

And finally, there is this. My insane muse, my hungry observer, the cranked up feline sitting in the window yowling at me while I worked. Nice background music….not.

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  • Natalie

    Love it!
    I can remember the persimmon tree in our backyard looking exactly like that; sans leaves. And that freakishly large lemon looks just like the lemons on trees in my old neighborhood, too.
    Sometimes… especially seeing your photos… I really miss California.
    Thank you!

  • Karen Fayeth

    Ah Nat, this is why we make such good internet friends. You *get* why I dig NM and you *get* why I dig No. California.

    I'm so happy my photos made you remember what you liked about No. Cal! Good stuff!

    Thank YOU for saying so!

  • Reviewer11

    I loved your entry! Very impressive. Here's to wishing you a wonderful new year. :)

  • Elizabeth

    Very cute!

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