Just another quiet Wednesday

Yanno, not much going on today.

New product announcements from Apple, a little company you may have heard of.

And not to be outdone, Obama got up to speak tonight too. Says he’s not a quitter (he might take a page or two out of Jobs’ book about being on the ropes and making a comeback).

Turns out Brad and Angelina are still a couple. (whew! That was a close one!)

You know. Business as usual.

Just another day on the funny farm.

P.S. Pitchers and catchers report in 21 days.

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  • Kath Lockett

    Maybe instead of being snarky, you could channel that energy into running or karate…

    ….or really bad TV that you could throw one of those jokey foam bricks at?

  • cube

    Your post made me snicker to myself. It was like looking in a mirror. I have no advice. What I do is fight the snarky urge one day at a time. Also, try to keep away from fools. Man, they make me go off the snark wagon every time.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Kath – Let's see, be a snarky b-word or go running? Hmmm. Yeah. I'm not sure…. lol!!

    Cube – Ah good to know I have someone else who understands!! I think your "one day at a time" advice is best. The trying to "keep away from fools" is so gosh darn hard these days!! :)

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