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  • Anonymous

    Cranky – you?

    Y'know – ya might consider moving farther south?

    Or just out of that cold, foggy bowl.

    Emmett ; )

  • Anonymous

    We just had our 1st day of above 80 degree weather in the last week or so. Cool here below the pass.

    Igor Stone

  • Karen Fayeth

    Yeah, I probably should move south. Actually, I think that's what's caused my weather malaise.

    I used to work down in the South Bay where it has been in the 90's, clear and sunny. My new job has me smack in the middle of the fog belt (from Candlestick Point to the airport, basically). I don't get to see the sun during the day. It's seriously making me nuts. (I am, after all, a desert rat!)

    For the thirteen years I have lived here, I've spent most of my daytimes in the South Bay…now, I'm in the fog and I'm not amused.

    I used to go home (to my mid-peninsula place) to get cool from the South Bay heat. Now I go there to get warm!

    I may have to get a year round sunlamp for my office.

  • Karen Fayeth

    Oh, also, it seems on my floor, they believe the thermostat should be set to "arctic". I blame the preponderance of menopausal women on this floor, but I dare not say that aloud.

    So every day I have to wear a sweater at work. It may be summer but forty hours a week, it's winter where I am.

    And space heaters are illegal. The facilities police have no sense of humor.

  • Anonymous

    I'm told – 'cause I'm too young to remember
    My uncle who was a rising exec for Brown shoes bought a house in the Bay Area sight unseen and moved the family. Into a fog belt. 4 months and they sold and moved.

    Here in New Hampshire where we haven't seen sun in at least two weeks and steady rain – all the employees brought in *gasp* incandescent floor lamps.

    All that yellow puddled in the floor seems to help.


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