Is that a threat, Mr. Henderson?


General Motors Corp. said Tuesday it needs $12 billion in government loans to keep operating, telling Congress in a bluntly worded report that its collapse could have “severe, long-term consequences to the U.S. economy.”

“There isn’t a Plan B,” said Chief Operating Officer Fritz Henderson.


Sounds like a ransom note to me.

And who is going to pay for this rippin’ $12 billion with a capital B? Oh yes, me and you, the taxpayers.

Remember us? The same folks that got robbed by Mr. Jones and the gang of banks? Yeah.

Pony up American minion, it’s all on you now. Food? Feh, you don’t need that. Americans are all too fat anyway.

See, I’m an MBA graduate, fifteen year business woman. I’ve seen a lot of companies do a lot of dumb things. But I have never seen the sheer audacity of these automakers.

You made crappy product that people don’t buy. You made long term contracts with unions thus incurring costs that you couldn’t support with sales of your crappy product.

That there’s what they call supply and demand, tater. Even a hick from New Mexico State’s business program can figure that one out.

I’m curious if GM will get what they ask for. And the other of the “big three” as well. Ugly days, indeed.


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  • Mariposa

    Hi, got here from John’s site. I’m jioning Blog Comment Day too…but I need to be back and read more to be able to make sensible comments! :)

  • Lainie Petersen

    Seems to me that if you are a CFO of a major business, having a Plan B ought to be part of your job.

    One would think.

    Oh well.

  • John Smulo

    I loved reading this post! Thanks for sharing what participating in Blog Comment Day looked like for you!

  • Helen

    Hi Karen, I found your blog because of Blog Comment Day.

    I wasn’t going to post on anyone’s posts about Blog Comment Day itself because I thought, what is there to say about that? But I enjoyed your write up of your wander through the blogosphere and so I wanted to let you know. Congratulations on posting on five new-to-you blogs! It’s a little harder than I thought too. When you don’t know the person it takes time to look at their blog and look for something I connect with.

    I’ve posted five comments but not on 5 new-to-me blogs. Still, the day isn’t over yet…

    Anyway nice to cyber-meet you :)

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